Keep checking here for updated information on upcoming tours and events. 

Come to the Garden on Saturday, May 12. From 9 until noon (or maybe 1:00), we are having a bunch of activities at the garden.  There will be tables with plants and seeds for sale, as well as books on gardening, baked goods, handmade soaps, etc.  There will be several educational tables, including where you can learn about worms for the garden, bees and Monarch butterflies for pollinating, etc., and I will be at available at the information table where we will have other information and be answering questions, including about the community garden and gardening in general, and I will be demonstrating how to transplant tomato starts to peat pots and nurture them until they are ready to go in the ground. 


Due to change in venue for future meetings and events, please check here regularly to find out where we will be meeting and when. We are currently scheduling our regular meetings for the first Tuesday of each month.  The next board meeting will be held at Solterra, 5408 West White Mountain Blvd, Wagon Wheel, AZ, in their event room, on Tuesday, June 12, starting at 10:00 a.m., followed by a snack/social time, and the brief membership meeting starts at 1:00 p.m., followed by an educational program.  All meetings are open to the public. Membership dues for 2018 are $40.00.  If you have any questions, call Mary Alice Vertz at 602-810-8175. 


Check out the recent issues of the Maverick magazine - we have some great articles in there.  Also check out the AZ Mountain Gardening programs which are available through Show Low TV on cable and on U-Tube!  There is a direct link to it from our WMCommunityGarden facebook.

Come by and see how the new garden is looking! 



September 19 

The annual elections were held; the new board and officers are as follows:  Mary Alice Vertz, President; Sandra Murray, Vice President, Vicki Matsumonji, Secretary, Blanche O'Malley, Treasurer; Ann Cameron, Assistant V.P.; Esther Grantham, Assistant Secretary; Nancy Jo Neff, Assistant Treasurer; and Members-at-large Diane Godfrey, Linda Hoy, Gary Hull, Trina Rubert.  The new board voted to raise the membership dues from $35.00 to $40.00 for 2018.

July 22

The GFWC-AZ Women's Club Home & Garden Tour was kicked off at the garden starting at 10:00, with many people admiring the garden before they took off to tour the rest of the gardens and places on their maps. 

April 29 and May 20

White Mountain Community Garden Plants & Stuff Sale was held at the garden from 9:00 am-noon.  Despite some inclement weather, people came and bought, allowing WMCG to add to its coffers funds to help pay for garden supplies. 



The 4th annual Fall Harvest Festival was again well attended.  The tastings were delicious, the educational handouts went fast, and produce from the garden's final harvest was available for those who came early.   Major rennovation of the garden started, including leveling and installation of a new irriagation watering system, as well as new raised beds.


Show Low Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony and activities at the garden on June 30. 

Gazebo at Memorial Garden completed and beautiful bench seat added and dedicated in memory of Gary Franks.  


October 3
The third annual Fall Festival was well attended and our "buy a bag and U-pick produce" sale was very successful, as were the tastings and educational opportunities in the Frontier Room.  

September 12
The canning class was well attended.

July 25
Our participation in the Home and Garden tours sponsored by the GFWC-AZ Woman's Club was a great success. In addition to the garden tour, we had lots of handouts on gardening tips and recipes, as well as delicious tastings including squash soup, pesto, zucchini bars, etc., demonstrations, and a "Christmas in July" Arts and Crafts fundraiser

June 6
Show Low Days plant sale and educational programs.

May 16
Spring Garden Launch, plants sale, tastings and handouts of gardening tips and recipes.


October 4

Second annual Fall Festival.

August 27
Special tour of approximately 30 Pinetop/Lakeside Garden Club members.


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