To create a positive experience for gardeners of the White Mountain Community Garden
(“WMCG” or “WM Community Garden” or simply “community garden”), gardeners shall work in
harmony and abide by the Rules of the Garden listed below.

1. Gardening courtesy and communications: One of the main community garden goals is to work together or next to each other in harmony. PLEASE be courteous in all interactions. If a problem arises, contact a Garden Board Member.
2. Definition of a Working Garden: During the growing season, generally May 15 to October 15, a garden plot must be planted and maintained (kept free of debris and weeds) within the boundaries of the leased plot.
3. Gardening Hours: Gardening hours are 6:00 a.m. to dusk (use of power equipment restricted to 8:00 a.m. to dusk). HEALP (Healthy Eating and Living Participation) participants supervised and credited hours are on Tuesday mornings, Thursdays evenings and Saturday mornings (check bulletin board or call for specific hours).
4. What is Appropriate to Grow? Vegetables, herbs, flowers and small fruit plants for personal/home consumptions and/or donations. Any illegal plants are strictly forbidden.
5. Water Availability: Water in the garden may be turned on May 15 and shut off by October 20 (depending on our freeze weather). Water in all of Arizona is precious, so Please use our allowed water wisely.
6. Spring Preparation & Planting; Watering & Weeding: By May 15, your garden plot should be in the getting started stage, which includes: weeding & preparing the soil, - edging borders, planting and harvesting. Please aid in maintaining the pathways. This deadline exists to motivate our gardeners to show intent to use their garden plot. All garden plots are reserved with the intentions of growing a garden. Failure to plant can result in loss of your plot, and your registration fee will be forfeited.
7. Fall Harvest and Clean-Up: By October 15, annual crops should be harvested and the plants cleaned up and composted. Upon a following Spring Reservation, Garden plots can be planted with a cover crop and/or mulched.
8. NO Garbage Service: There is no garbage service. Please keep trash and litter cleared from your plot and garden areas. Any trash should be taken home for disposal.
9. Garden Debris: Compost items can be placed in the working compost piles. No trash please.

10. Pets: Pets are not allowed in the garden.
11. Plot Registration Required Annually: There is a reservations list. Plots are not transferable without permission of the WMCommunity Garden Committee or Board. If for any reason you should need to relinquish your space, please contact a member of the WMCommunity Garden Committee or Board. Appropriate contact numbers, email and website addresses will be posted on the Garden Bulletin Board.
12. No Refunds: The garden registration fee you pay only partially covers a small part of the costs of the operation of the WMCommunity Garden. If you give up your garden plot after you have registered or if you fail to plant or maintain your plot, your fee will not be refunded.
13. Pathways: Each gardener (& guests) is responsible for helping to keep the garden area & pathways in well-tended condition and assist in providing regular upkeep of the pathways and other common areas.
14. Damage or Theft: Unauthorized taking of anything from any plot other than your own, or damaging another’s plot, or taking or misusing any supplies, is prohibited and subject to penalties (see No. 22 below).
15. Natural Gardening: Use of herbicides and/or weed killers is prohibited. Gardeners are to use natural gardening techniques and products. A list of recommended products is posted on the Garden Bulletin Board.
16. Children in the Gardens: Children are welcomed and encouraged to garden with their parents, but please have children use the pathways and be respectful of growing plants.
17. Rodents, Animals and Fences: Each individual is responsible for helping to minimize rodent or other animal intrusion and the risks associated with such intrusion. Non-permanent fencing is allowed, but may not extend out of plot boundaries or cross garden pathways. Report any sign of animal intrusion to the Garden Committee.
18. NO alcohol drinks or Smoking: Alcoholic drinks or smoking is prohibited in any area of the community garden.
19. Composting: On-site composting is encouraged, however is limited to compostable materials produced at the community garden site. WMCG will try to provide, when possible, organic compost matter, manure and sand. Please use consciously, as we all share the materials donated. Manure piles will be marked as working or finished. Working piles are fresh manure mixed with straw. Finished piles are aged and ready for use. Raw compost may contain bacteria.
20. Garden Tool Shed and Community Garden’s Common Area: The West tool shed is the shared tool shed. You will receive the key code when you pay your rental fee. Do not share your key code with non-renters and non-members of the WMCG. If access is changed to an actual key, a key will be issued to you upon a $5.00 key deposit. Keys are to be returned at season end or upon request. As we all share the tools, please be responsible. Tools must be cleaned and replaced in the shed after use. The shed must be kept locked. Upon request, the East tool shed can be accessed through a WMCG board member. Please help keep common areas clean for all to enjoy.
21. NO Liability: Registered gardeners, or anyone else who, whether invited or uninvited, enters the community garden premises for any reason, does so solely at each individual’s own risk.
22. Violation Penalties: Penalties for violation of any Rule may include, but not be limited to, revocation of gardening privileges.

Each renter will receive a copy of the Garden Rules and will be asked to sign an acknowledgment of the rules and the code for the shared storage shed.  Each renter will also be asked to sign a liability waiver. 

All activities occurring on the property, including development of the garden and the use or sale of any produce, as well as administration of the organization, are not offered, presented, sponsored or endorsed by Navajo County, and are solely made possible only through the White Mountain Community Garden, an Arizona non-profit corporation, its board of directors, members, and volunteers, and through contributors’ donations.

WMCommunity Garden is a work in progress, and these Rules are subject to change and additional Rules may be instituted as necessary. Contact a White Mountain Community Garden Board Member if you have questions, suggestions or ideas. Names and contact information for appropriate Board Members to contact will be posted on the Garden Bulletin Board. 

Participants will be asked to sign a copy of the Garden Rules, together with a release of liability form required by Navajo County, and be given a copies.