We are accepting New Members and Renewals for 2022.  
 $40.00 includes a membership badge.
        • Name with current year's sticker to be worn anytime you are in the garden; 
        • Additional badges $10.00 for family participants.
        • A maximum of two adults with/without minors may be a "Family Membership" with certain restrictions.  

ACTIVE is for members who participate in the administration of WMCG.  An Active Member has the right to vote for Board Members during the annual election.  Active Members are required to attend meetings, the election and encouraged to serve on a committee.   

GARDEN is for members who only wish to reserve an in-ground or a raised bed space and/or participate in the HEALP program (see description below).  

  • New Member and Renewal Member application form below.  
  • Payment online through Venmo.com/wmcg-showlow and PayPal (see payment buttons below).   
  • There are applications at WMCG, 520 N. 9th Place, Show Low 85901

VOLUNTEER SUPPORT is a non-member person/organization/business that supports the White Mountain Community Garden through monetary donations (or in-kind donations) and/or volunteer time.


Members may participate in the garden in many ways:
  • Maintain an in-ground plot or a raised bed to grow your own produce, 
  • Participate in the HEALP program (explanation below). 
  • All members must adhere to all Garden Rules, Policies and Procedures and commit to helping maintain the common area walkways.   

  • In-ground plots vary in size and a water fee of $0.20/linear foot is charged (payable at the garden). 
  • Raised beds have a $20/year water fee and member supplies soil for the bed (payable at the garden). 
  • Members are responsible for supplying organic amendments to their beds.  
  • Members are responsible for supplying drip hoses to their beds. 
  • Space available for non-profit groups and individuals and/or families with special circumstances.  Special consideration is given to Veterans and persons with disabilities.   
  • Keep everything you grow in your space, responsible for weeding, and keep area clear of debris.  Clear all plantings at the end of the season.  
  • You cannot sell your produce.  
  • If you have any questions, consult with Denise Ball or send an email to:  contact@wmcgarden.org

HEALP: The Healthy Eating and Living Participation 
  • Designed for individuals who do not wish to rent an individual garden plot or raised bed, but want to learn more about gardening and provide labor to the community garden. 
  • HEALP members share in the work to prepare, plant, water, weed and harvest at the garden. For each hour worked (and logged in) on assigned projects, HEALP members are entitled to receive a share in the produce harvested. 
  • HEALP members are required to work, and log in, at least two+ supervised hours per week as a part of their participation requirements. Questions?  Send an email to contact@wmcgarden.org 


Please complete the form below.  


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